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Dragon and Lion Dance

The primary aim of Pak Mei Yaolin Kung Fu Association is one which strives to preserve and promote the Chinese culture within our school and community. We also dance for the love and fun of the art. We hope to create strong bonds, not only amongst ourselves, but with our clients and other dragon and lion dancing groups across the world.

The tradition of lion dance, has been part of Southern Asian culture for thousands of years, and is one of China’s most distinctive cultural arts. Often performed by Kung Fu schools, it brings with it good fortune, prosperity and longevity. It adds a festive atmosphere, and plays an important role (not only during Chinese New Year), but at weddings, consecration of temples and alike, business openings, and other official celebrations with its parade of colours and live percussion instrument accompaniment. During the dance itself, all of the props used also carry auspicious meanings, bringing well wishes.

Dragons are reflected in their qualities of great power, dignity, fertility, wisdom and auspiciousness. In the dance, a team of 9 people (dancers) carry the dragon on poles. The lead dancer of the troupe lift, dip, thrust, and sweep the head which display the dragon in a meritorious and undulating manner. Musical accompaniment is often supplied in the form of musicians with traditional drums, cymbals and gongs to create both feelings and atmospheric ambiance.

The Yaolin team has performed in thousands of events over 14 years for all sort of occasions, as well as representing Australia among international exhibitions, performances and training.

We hope to be a part of your festivities.