The System

Below outlines some of the Pak Mei Kung Fu principles :

Pak Mei combines both Shaolin and Taoist martial arts. It is known to be one of the few styles that is classified as an internal and external system. It is based on principles of physiology, physics, self defence and promoting good health. Unlike any other styles, Pak Mei concentrates on "Chi" (internal energy) throughout the whole system. It also focuses on strengthening the entire body and every muscle to work together to generate the maximum "Gink" (shocking power) for one single technique.

This style does not use brute force, even though it is adapted from the tiger and leopard, which is known for their strength. It is the fierce and aggressiveness spirit of the tiger and the flexibility, softness and fluidity of the leopard that the Pak Mei practitioner intends to perfect.

Pak Mei is a short and mid range style - stances are high for faster movements. The defensive and attacking hands are used simultaneously. There are eight main fighting techniques, six sources of power and a breathing method to maximise "Gink" and sudden fast explosive attacks.

- Phoenix eye fist - For vital pressure point attacks
- Explosive kicks - To strike the weakest point within the body
- Tiger and eagle claws - To immobilised the opponent
- Thrusting fingers, elbows, knees and forearms - To disable the attacker
- Pak Mei practitioners will utilise any techniques necessary to survive.

Weapons plays a significant part to the Pak Mei system, these includes:

- Double Tonfa
- Double Flying Phoenix Swords
- Double Butterfly Swords
- Bench
- Staff
- Tiger Fork
- 9 Section Whip
- Spear
and more

Pak Mei techniques are straight forward, economical and a quick to learn fighting system. It is the body strenghtening, power and softness that the practitioner must work to perfection. Pak Mei practitioners must be clever, brave and the intelligence to out think his/her opponent when defending